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Kelleys Island, OH  

Himmelblau House  

Lodging on the Island  

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Lodging on the Island

A complete list of accomodations on the island can be found at

Most accomodations on Kelleys Island require a two night stay. For those wishing to stay Saturday night only, we recommend making a reservation at the
Holiday Inn Express in Port Clinton, OH.

Bed and Breakfasts

Sun & Surf
Crafts Lakeview Lane
The Inn on Kelleys
Morning Glory Inn
Kelleys Island Luxury Inns
Lakeshore Landing
Pascoe House
Mack's Place
East Shore Inn
K.I. Best Places to Stay
Cricket Lodge
Campbell Cottage
A Water's Edge Retreat
The Eagles Nest
Himmelblau House
House on Huntington
Marge's Lakefront Rooms
Stoney Ridge B & B


The Crow's Nest
Cottage on Sunset
Quarry Vista Lodge
Hoelzer's Cozy Cottage
Tootie's Place
Erie Hideaway
Fairview Cottage
K.I. Best Places to Stay
Dot's Place
House on the Lake
House in the Woods
The Fox Den
Crafts Lakeview Lane
Hoelzer's Holiday House
Getaway Rental
Kimberlin's Getaways
Zettler's Lakefront
Kaufman Kottage
The Old Nest
Docks Place
A Walk Down Memory Ln
Pleasant View
The Captains Quarters
The Doctor's House
Lake Woods Edge
Lake View Getaway
Leeside & Southbay
Lighthouse Cottage
Lower Cliff Lodge
Madonna's Lakefront
Nautica Blue
Quarry Hollow
South Shore Villa
Sunrise Point Eff.
Sunrise East Cot.
Sunrise Point Cot.


Kelleys Cove
The Quarry-Seidl
Sandy Cove
The Blue Cs
Our Place
Augie's Sea Escape
Island Getaway
The Great Escape
The Quarry-Beck
Ahoy Condo
Campbell's Island Condo
The Quarry-Andrews
The Quarry-Guhde
Dreamfinder Vacation
Moonglow Condo
The Quarry-Beck
All Seasons Condo
Bakas Island Places
Collins Lakeview
Island Enterprises
K.I. Condo Retreat
Kelley's Place
La Vigne Condo
Portside Rentals
South Passage Condo

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